Sunday, December 10, 2017

Day #9 - Sorry, not THIS year!

     Gwen from Tillalili had the booth next to me, and I couldn't resist these fat quarters. The top two fabrics are "Jingle Birds" from Moda, the one at lower left is "Pixie Noel" from Riley Blake, and I don't know where the navy/white dot fabric is from. I'm itching to design a table runner, but I'm not feeling the love (understatement of the year) for any of the designs I've been doodling. I think I need to step away.

    The crocheted hat is coming along, but the directions have me wondering if anyone actually tested them on humans. Oh, it's easy enough to follow, but I've been crocheting for many years and never had a gauge issue before this. When the directions for "age 7 to 12", come out way too large for my medium to large adult head, something is amiss. So, I tore it out and started making the "age 2-5" version instead, which is likely to fit its 8 year-old recipient. On top of it all, I don't have much yarn left, and it only is supposed to take one ball for any size up to "adult small".  After supper I'm going to finish it- if I can. If I run out, I'll add some cotton yarn from my dish cloth yarn stash.

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