Friday, December 8, 2017

Day #7- According to AccuWeather...

...snow will be starting in 38 minutes. Hmmm....we shall see.
    I'm off tomorrow, so until I have to head outside and help with the shoveling, I'll probably be hunkered down with one of several choices:
    I can layer and baste the quilt and start quilting it.
    I can work on my knitting, which, as it's a sweater for me, probably will get pushed aside.
    I can immerse myself in the million-page, tiny-print book on my end table.
What I can't do is:
    Bake fruitcake (I don't have all the ingredients on hand). Yes, I bake fruitcake. Yes, I eat fruitcake. Yes, I like fruitcake. So does my entire family. People have strange responses when you tell them that. My favorite came years ago from a male co-worker, "Good God, woman!"

It's beginning to look a lot like...fruitcake!

     I had to make an unexpected trip to the vet; little Rosie was in a lot of pain. We couldn't pinpoint where she hurt. She'd move like she was hurting, then suddenly be wagging her tail like nothing happened. Every so often she'd shriek in pain. You can't imagine how loud a 4 1/2-pound dog can be. It turned out she somehow injured her neck.
     I cooked a tiny hamburger, smooshed it into a million pieces, and mixed in her pain meds. As much pain as she was in, she couldn't resist the beef. She's now curled up in her bed by the radiator being sad.

Rosie on a happier day

     Today I added the last blocks and sashing to the Boxy Stars quilt. I'd have had the border cut and sewn on by now, but I made this instead.

     It's a fun little tree farm quilt from Other People's Material. I made a much longer version for myself; this one will be donated to my guild's silent auction next week. 
     The cute tree print was from the scrap table at the guild's show. I found twelve rectangles of it. They were the inspiration for the quilts. See the garlands on the trees? I free-motion quilted the same design on my green triangles. And on the print pieces I quilted swirling snowflakes.
      After much procrastinating, I treated myself to an AccuQuilt Go cutter for my birthday. I cut "some" half-square triangles in shades of blue and green with the included die. I think I got a little carried away. I still have enough for at least two more quilts like this. I LOVE not having to trim all those dog ears!

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