Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

     2018 is a wrap!  I'm hoping for more excitement this year.
     I got a couple of quilty things for Christmas.

This should keep me supplied for a while.
     Rick gave me this for my Accuquilt Go. I've been wanting this die  (2 1/2" strips) for a while. I see slicing and dicing in the near future.

     I tried some new recipes.  This biscotti recipe https://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/fudgy-fruitcake-biscotti-recipe from King Arthur Flour was amazing.  For the fruit I used dried cranberries and orange peel I candied myself. In addition to my traditional fruitcake recipe I made a Dundee cake- amazing! I followed the recipe in this cookbook, and again, my home-candied orange peel went into it. Both will be made again next Christmas, if not before. 

     I'm starting the new year with a new pattern, Lots of Hugs. A sneak peek is here.

 I was hoping to take cover photos at the beach today, as it was unseasonably warm, but the wind would have carried my quilt to Block Island. So, out came my pipe and drape rack and up went the quilt.
     This is an easy quilt to make, but for some reason it was a bear to write the pattern. For once, unlike my next pattern, the illustrations weren't the problem.
     Pattern number two is a set of seasonal placemats. These can be made with or without my Periwinkle Plus™ Template Set (or my original Periwinkle Template Set, for that matter). I solved the illustration difficulties by doing what I can with Quilt Pro, then scanning and printing, adding the details by hand, then scanning back again. So far, so good. No photos yet.
     Both of these patterns will be available January 16th at Vendor Night at Clamshell Quilt Guild, my first event of the new year..