Thursday, December 7, 2017

Day #6- Some book notes and more

    Today I made a bit of headway on the scrap quilt. Three of the four rows sashed and joined; I'll finish the top tomorrow.

     Nothing at the book sale struck my fancy this morning. Last year I came out with only four books,  two of those were added to my brother's Christmas gifts, but the remaining two were without a doubt  two of the three best books I read all year:

      I was happy to later pass them on to others who enjoyed them as much as I did. Sadly, the one person I would have loved to have given "Team of Rivals" to, my paternal grandfather, passed away 41 years ago.

    I did a little shopping later in the day, and found a lone skein of Keppi yarn at Ocean State Job Lot hidden on the shelf behind boring brown wool yarn. It's going to make a cheery hat for a special little girl- this fun yarn even comes with its own ready-made pom-pom.


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