Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sixty Degrees of Separation. Or, How One Quilter is Saving the World from Arithmophobia (recipe included)

     As a certifiable math geek, it surprises me how the sight of numbers causes some people's eyes to glaze over. Take Sudoku, for instance. I have more fingers and toes than the number of times I've had someone watch me fill in the little squares and say "I'm not good with math." Um... replace the numerals 1 to 9 with nine colors, or nine vegetables, or nine Chippendale's dancers. You can do it.
    Somewhere early on in my quilting life I discovered the joys of working with sixty degree (equilateral) triangles and their little buddies-  diamonds, hexagons, and so on. I moved on, but they called me back. "It's your mission to save the world from math phobia," they said. "Show other quilters how to love us as much as you do."

    My new workshop, Sixty Degrees of Separation, is intended to do just that.  I only teach it on Friday the Thirteenth (just kidding).  And speaking of phobias- check out the fabrics I chose!

     And...as I promised an occasional recipe, here is my awesome fruit dip recipe, which is especially fantabulous with strawberries. And it only has one, yes one, ingredient. Are you ready? Got your pencils handy?

One container Chobani pineapple Greek yogurt.

Recipe may be doubled or tripled as needed.

     I'll leave you with a few words from Neil...

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