Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stolen Moments

     Yes, I really did steal my students' scraps. I only pretended to brush them off the table and into the trash; in reality they wound up in my bag at the end of the evening. Student A (if you're reading this, you know who you are) saved all her cutaways except for tiny strips of selvages. Too bad, because I could have had lots of fun with her vibrant colors, but I admire her for so quickly becoming a scrap hoarder.
      I was able to glean slightly larger leftovers from Student B - not as bright and colorful, but as one never has enough neutrals, I'm not complaining.
     The little quilt pictured began as some unknown quilter's project. From what I can deduce from the scraps (taken from the trash the day after an open quilt day at a local shop), these were likely the leftovers at the end of each row- a variety of batiks sewn to a strip of black Kona cotton- as well as a longer strip of black that was probably extra binding. I trimmed all the chunks of fabric to an equal width, and used the binding strip for my outer border. It needed a little "oomph", so I hand appliquéd little circles and partial circles (from a bag of little batik scraps I won at a guild meeting) randomly across the quilt. I then sandwiched and stitched it using the envelope method, turned it right side out, and added some hand quilting with metallic copper embroidery floss. I named it "Found Objects", and it has been in a quilt show and an exhibition of art quilts.

Found Objects

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